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As a Licensed Clinical and Nationally Certified Professional Counselor,
Cheryl Fisher brings twenty years of experience to her practice with
individuals, families and couples specializing in the areas of Grief and
Loss; Trauma and Abuse; End of Life and Life Transitions.

She provides a holistic approach to counseling by combining expressive and group therapies with traditional cognitive-behavioral and psycho-
dynamic approaches. She is a Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC)
offering online as well as face to face counseling services.

As a Doctoral prepared Pastoral Counselor, Cheryl values the role of spirituality in overall health and wellness.

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Cheryl Fisher & Associates

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B.A. Psychology- University of Maryland, College Park- 1987
M.S. Pastoral Counseling- Loyola College, MD.- 2007
Ph.D. Pastoral Counseling- Loyola College, MD- current
LCPC- #3224
Click here for information about her current research on Meaning and Metastatic Breast Cancer.
She is an adjunct professor at Anne Arundel Community College and Grand Canyon University, a doctoral candidate at Loyola College in Maryland and a published author of The Keeper (ISBN: 1-4241-4331-4).